Automobile Accidents

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Automobile accidents occur every day and can result in serious injuries, damage to your vehicle, loss of earnings, and severe pain and suffering.  The Las Vegas & Henderson injury attorneys at Hammond & Hammond focus a significant part of their business on helping automobile accident victims to get compensation for their claims.

Trial Lawyers vs. Non-Trial Lawyers:  Choosing a Las Vegas & Henderson Injury Attorney:

In choosing a law firm to help you, it is important to consider the skills and experience of the attorneys who will be representing you.   There are trial lawyers and non-trial lawyers.   Many of the lawyers seen on television will not actually GO to trial!  In fact, if they can’t settle your case for quick and easy money, they will often send your case to another law firm to file the lawsuit and litigate the case.  We have clients that have fired these attorneys for various reasons (including feeling like a number instead of a person,) and hired us in their place.  Did you know you can switch to Hammond & Hammond if you already have an attorney you are not happy with?  You can!

Insurance companies have teams of adjusters and lawyers to help them pay as little as possible on their claims.  Which type of attorney do you think the insurance companies will take more seriously – the attorneys who fight them for the actual amount of money the claim is worth, or the attorneys who don’t and encourage their clients to accept the insurance company’s unfair offers?  Our Las Vegas & Henderson injury attorneys at Hammond & Hammond are trial lawyers and are willing to fight the insurance companies to get our clients just compensation.

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