But I’m not lawsuit happy! Neither are we…

(Author: Brook Hammond) I have so many people that call and say, “But, I’m not lawsuit happy, and I worry about hiring a personal injury / accident injury attorney because I don’t want to file a lawsuit.” And, I promptly reply, “I’m not lawsuit happy or hoping to file a lawsuit either! And I’m an attorney!” If the other side will treat you fairly, you won’t need to file a lawsuit.
Here is a story I hear time and time again: you were sitting at a red light—minding your own business—and someone suddenly rear ended you. After the accident and while still at the scene of the accident, you think you are fine. In fact, it may not be until later that night or even a few days after the accident that you realize you are hurting and that the pain just isn’t going away. Even still, you just don’t want to file a lawsuit, and so you don’t want to call a Henderson personal injury attorney or a Las Vegas personal injury attorney. What most people don’t understand is that right after an accident, you are simply making a claim for your losses and not actually filing a lawsuit. In most cases, it is important that you call us at the beginning of your situation so that we can help you through the process from the start. We often have people calling us a few weeks or months after the accident after they have not known the right choices to make, and we end up trying to fix problems that were created because the injured victim didn’t have good advice from the start. Or, people realize that the attorney they hired is not calling them back and they want to know if they can hire us? Yes if we talk and decide together that it is the right thing to do. We are not in the business of trying to persuade clients to leave their current attorneys, but everyone (even our clients) has that option.
After a demand is made, you “usually” get to decide whether or not you file a lawsuit. I say “usually” because sometimes the other person or their insurance company argues that they were not at fault and don’t want to offer you anything. Or, what if they don’t want to offer you what is fair? Do you even know what is fair? What if they want to offer you less than your medical expenses? Hammond & Hammond, Henderson personal injury attorneys / accident injury attorneys will help you make a good, educated decision for you and your life. YOU can choose to file a lawsuit or accept their sometimes ridiculous offer.
We will always advise you to accept a reasonable alternative to a lawsuit or eventual trial. But, we will also let you know our opinion regarding when an offer is reasonable or unreasonable, and then you get to decide what to do. We know that we have a lot of cases, but you only have one, yours! And, we don’t want you to feel like “a number” at our firm. Call and meet with us so that you can interview US, and we can show you the type service you will receive at our boutique Henderson personal injury / accident injury law firm. Even if you don’t live near our firm, we can arrange to come to you. Your most important job should be to get better. Leave the legal issues to a firm you can trust: Hammond & Hammond.

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