Justice Court Jurisdictional Changes

Recent legislation was passed regarding the jurisdiction of Justice Court, raising the maximum claim amount from $10,000.00 to a maximum of $15,000.00, effective in 2017.  This is a very exciting change as Nevada only requires a minimum of $15,000.00 of automobile insurance liability coverage.  All too often, insurance companies have been selling minimum policies and then abusing the system to under-pay claims due to the difficulty and expense of litigating a small case in District Court that might be worth more than $10,000.00, but not more than $15,000.00.  Now, Justice Court has jurisdiction over the entire policy amount of $15,000.00.  This is great news as Justice Court is a much more stream-lined process which will facilitate more speedy resolution of claims.  If you would like more information on Justice Court cases, please feel free to call us.

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